Room “Romano”


This large room, with 4 single beds and a comfortable sofa bed for 2 people, a living room and a bathroom, was decorated with elements inspired by what the Romans left in the Alentejo over 2000 years ago – wine and olive oil.
Roman mythology reigns in this room with the king of Olympus and father of the gods – Jupiter – watching over those who sit or lie down on the sofa. Ahead of him is talking with his wife, the queen of the gods – Juno. In this room you can also see some of the sons of Jupiter: Apollo, the god of the sun, perfection and reason. Diana, the goddess of the moon, the hunt and purity. Bacchus, the god of parties, wine and pleasure. Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. For inspiration there is also “Psyche revived by a kiss of Cupid's love” - the classic antiquity version of the transforming power of love.

This suite also opens onto a terrace overlooking the pool, where you can enjoy a wonderful sunset.


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